About us

We are refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan and Iran that are concerned about the way the world is going with the increasing number of refugees because of wars, dictator regimes and globalization and the man made problems to the environment.

We believe that we must unite and stand against the pressures and threats of the right wing elements and forces and also the fascists and racists’ forces. They must make the real causes of so called ‘refugees and immigrant crisis’ clearer for the masses of refugees and the masses of the countries they refuge and win over the solidarity and support of the progressive and revolutionary forces and individuals. And struggle against the system that is the cause of such situation.

Developing the sporadic and scattered struggles to a unified struggle for a certain goal will magnify our voice. There is a need of an organised struggle that would deeply expose the system that is the cause of such displacement in a world scale, a struggle with the aim that its real, scientific and liberating solutions is to put an end to the oppression and exploitation systems. For such an aimed and prolong struggle the refugees and immigrants need their own organisation such that they can wage their united and coordinated struggle and win over the solidarity and the support of the masses of the people in the country they are resident and fight united for their rights and also for a world without oppression and exploitation, and a world without border.