What is meant by displacing hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people?


Trump’s hasty decision to withdraw the US troops from Syria and the immediate brutal assault launched by the Turkey on Kurdistan caused thousands death and wounded and hundreds of thousands to abandon their homes. One of the main aims of Turkey was to displace millions of Kurds and replace them with Syrian’s refugees who are currently in Turkey. Around 1.5million from 5 million of these refugees are ‘illegal’ and under sever mistreatment and sexual and physical abuse. Their young men are under pressure to join the ‘Free Syrian Army’ a fundamental group that is allied with the Turkey’s government. This is the ‘buffer zone’ that they are talking about. By this way they intend to create a gap between the Turkey and Syrian’s Kurds. Erdogan also is intending to control this region by designating their fundamentalist ally in charge. This is a plan that the US has agreed with and Russia and Syria have not opposed it as they see their interest in it. This is the reason that in a matter two weeks around 300 hundred thousands of people were displace and refuged to other regions of Syria and Iraqi’s Kurdistan. The compulsory displacement is not only the result of this aggression war but also is one its objectives and it is a plan to suppress the broad Kurdish movement.

Withdrawing the US forces from the Syria was practically clearing the way for the Turkey’s army to invade the Kurdistan. Many in the imperialist’s circles even those close to Republican Party called it an obvious betrayal to Kurds. The Turkey in addition to suppress the Kurdish movement has been chasing other objectives including an influence in the region contesting Iran and Saudi Arabia and impose itself as the most powerful country in the region. The suppression of the Kurdish people has been one of the foundation and main pillars of the Turkey’s state since Ataturk.

‘Free Syrian Army’ the fundamentalist group a Turkey’s government ally which is believed to have close relation with ‘Daesh’ (Islamic State) is hoping to  win over an important part of a section of Daesh that is now in prison in Kurdistan or have manged to escape due to heave Turkey’s bombardments or at least  push them to fight the Kurds. They are even more hopeful after the death of Al Baghdadi the Daesh leader.

It has also been reported that the force allied with Islamic regime of Iran launched an attack on Kurds in the first days of the Turkey’s invasion. The weakening of the Kurdish forces is in the interest of the Islamic regime too that is facing with the struggle of the Kurdish people in the country who are fighting for their rights.

The imperialists and the reactionary regional powers will not help the liberation movements but will do their best to utilise them in the service of their own regional and global interest and will trade them when ‘their expiry date’ comes up. A well know example is when Mostafa Barezani  a Kurdish leader tried to use the contradiction between the shah of Iran and Iraq’s regime in 70’s but this was the Iraqi’s Kurdish movement that was traded by the reactionaries. At the end Shah under the leadership of the US reached an agreement with Iraqis regime and this was a stab in the back of the Kurdish movement. The US and Trump treatment of the Rojava is such a recognizable story.

The Kurdish people have been continuing their struggles for their rights of self-determination since Lausanne conference after the WW1 in which the imperialists denied the Kurdish people their own state. But at the same time the imperialists’ powers and the regional reactionaries have been either suppressing or betraying the Kurdish movement. The history has also shown that the imperialists’ power are the enemy and the main problem for the Kurdish movement and not a solution at all.

It is important for the people of the world to condemn the brutal and aggressive assault against Kurdistan that has been planned by the Turkey and the US and also support the just struggle of the people of Kurdistan in order to abort the vicious aims of the reactionary powers.

Struggle for a World without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran)

October 2019


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