War, globalisation, Global Warming and the Migration

Evidences show that our planet is at a real danger and as the facts are presented by scientists and researchers the depth of the danger can be understood. Global warming has increased earth’s temperature that has already brought havoc to our planet. As a result super storm sandy, hurricanes, droughts floods, wild fires have now become a continuous features of our planet, more frequent, longer lasting and huge in their dimensions.

With violent shifts in the nature’s eco-systems, parts of the world will be dryer while other parts suffer from severe floods. More than 10 million people just in Ethiopia will suffer hardship of food insecurity. Due to floods and droughts lives of over 2 million people in Latin America have been affected.

The years 2011-2015, have been the warmest five years period on record and 2015 has been the hottest year on record. Temperature are now 1 degree higher than pre- industrial levels, and if it pushes over 2-degree, there will be tremendous changes on our planet.

However this undisputed facts and evidences have not been recognised but dismissed by Trump/Pence administration as hoax. Trump and his gangs are determined to accelerate the destruction of the planet and the future of the humanity so that they can go ahead with their wars on poor, women, refugees, planets, other religions, homosexuals, science and as a whole on humanity. Global warming, climate change, destruction of eco-systems and their consequences are having direct effects on people’s living on planet earth, particularly the poor. The life lines of billions have been stretched to a limit that further strains could not be absorbed.

The causes that give rise to the displacement of the human population at the present time such as wars inflicted on people by the imperialists meddling, and the destruction of the economies of the third world countries due to globalisation and monopoly of the multinational cooperatives based in the rich countries are known to many. But here we refer to another horrendous side of the climate change that is increasingly showing its annoyance, anger and violent reaction to the way the lives of people are organised under the present world system: The migration of human population.

But the increasing change of climate that the world capitalist is mainly responsible for its happening, is increasingly contributing to the displacement of the millions in the third world countries, the displacement that is taking place within their own countries or to the neighbouring countries and a fraction of them to the more industrialised world.

According to the estimates given by the UN and “Environmental Justice Foundation” tens of millions of people were displaced by climate change and this will significantly increase by mid-21st Century if this trend continues. That will force millions to move to other countries. More than 300 million people are at risk of sea-level rise in poor countries, the majority of them are slum dwellers.

This is at a time that millions of migrants in many countries over the world are labelled as “illegal” humans and many of those who are not supposed to be “illegal” are accused of abusing the welfare systems.

Africa (Like Asia as well as Latin America) is another continent to suffer disproportionately from climate change. Increased incidence of droughts lower crop yields and increased food process, adding pressures on communities.

The Land grabbing is anther phenomena in poor countries, as a mean of food security for the rich countries as the effect of global warming becomes more real. In 2009 Saudi investors grabbed 700,000 hectares of fertile land in Africa for rice cultivation. The forced evictions of native people and grabbing their means of living, have forced them to migrate somewhere else. This is the situation in many other poor countries.

Rich countries consumptions and their huge war machines are basically fed by fossil fuels, their production as well as their ever expanding wars, including use of chemical biological and radioactive weapons are destroying planet and tearing ozone layers due to huge and ever –increasing emission of greenhouse gasses and wasting the resources.

If such a path and pace is not changed the future of humanity will be in a real danger. But can anyone expect the world with the way is organised at the moment will be able to find a solution? The reality is that the functioning of the present system even independent of the will of its leaders and organisers is the main cause of the climate change and its consequences. But the war that Trump/Pence regime has declared on humanity has put a much more urgent task in front of the people not only in the US but in the world as a whole. The first step of this task is to fight and drive out Trump and its fascist regime and all its allies in a world scale before it consolidate its power, before their threats to humanity turns into reality and before it is too late however it is too late to save a lot that are already lost for ever.